Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello Everyone!
It's me Chandler and I'm gonna be feeling you in on some things that have been happening to me. 
So to start off with I've been listening to podcasts and I've came across one I really enjoy.
It's former YouTuber Lauren Rose's podcast and I really love it.
It just gives me a very nostalgic summer feeling, 
I don't know.
School has started and though I'm no longer in school I still get a nervous feeling about it.
School is nostalgic for me.
But When I was in school I had a lot of bad vibes and ad memories.
I have always felt trapped and lonely like the sisters in The Virgin Suicides.

I've been very crude lately and I haven't taken any pictures.
I think I lost my spirit because it's suppose to be my senior year and I'm not in high school.
I guess it's for the best but I feel so....bored and lonely and forgotten.
I though someone would care when I left but no. 
People moved on.
I guess it was a stupid thing to think and my parents want me to start college but I'm not ready.
I just don't want to lead a boring life and basic. I want adventure and excitement. 

I thought leaving high school was best but now I'm not to sure.
I just knew something bad was going to happen if I stayed.
I didn't want to die or hurt people.
I was having a mental and physical melt down and I'm still recovering.
Though I do want to go to the football games and try to exchange good vibes.
But I don't want to see the faces of everyone who looked down on me.
I just want to be free from it all.

 I often feel innocent like Ponyboy.
I feel drawn to the beauty of nature.
The stillness of the night.
The night calling for fun.
And the adventure swinging in the wind.
I need to get to that sweet exit and life and not just exist.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello Everyone.
I felt like making a little update and fill you all in on something.
On June 2nd 2015 I became an aunt.
I have a nephew named Julian and he is the bomb dot com.
I know this is random but it was on my mind for some reason.
I've been wanting to make a podcast but I don't really have a big audience so it has to wait.
I have been chasing after so many of my dreams and wishes.
I'm hoping to start a band soon and start selling my own candles.
Also I have some images for you all!

So the fist image is out a candle from Walmart and two charms that I gave my mom.
It brings me too a very warm feeling and place.
It reminds me so much of the Virgin Suicides and I'm not sure why.
It's a very "kinderwhore" image really.
Super nostalgic.
The second picture is of my nephew and he is adorable in all his glory.
I have been in a very blank mood.
I don't think there is a specific word for it but very.
It's been a while since I had time to reflect on things and remember and embrace.
I guess I'm just rambling.
I hope you all have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.
~Evan Chandler

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello Everyone
I'm Evan Chandler and I'm an aspiring film photographer/film student.
I live in a boring town in North Carolina.
I live with my mother, father, and brothers, and two dogs.
I was home schooled.
And I'm not the most popular or social person.
I spend most of my life sleeping and dreaming about adventure.

I started my YouTube and Blog because I wanted to document my life and adventures.
I wanted to be able to look back at each moment and memory.
I wanted to be able to thank myself for exploring and seeking out places unknown.
I love the sound of water and the beauty of clouds.
Though chubby I still manage to get around numerous of places. 
I have beautiful pictures taken with my phone or film cameras.
I can NEVER turn down an adventure
I love the ocean and want to be able to go swimming on a hot summer day.
But because of my intense fear of water I am not able to do so.
I have longed to be by the ocean side and feel the sand and moisture on my skin.
But I want to moment I go to be perfect and everything must fall in line.
Silly, I know but a girl can dream.
That's what I love; dreaming and wishing and wanting.
It's all to perfect and romantic for me. I don't know what to do with myself.
I can be daring and cunning. 
But there is a sense to the madness but that's for you to solve.
I'm just a hopeless dreamer. 
How beautiful can the sky be at dusk. 
It's seems so unreal and daring.
I feel myself always drawn to it and still wanting.
For what? I'm not sure but I would love to find out.
I can go on and on about nothing so I want to end this soon.
I hope you all have a lovely day or night.
And look for the life in life and the lightest part of the light.
~Evan Chandler