Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello Everyone
I'm Evan Chandler and I'm an aspiring film photographer/film student.
I live in a boring town in North Carolina.
I live with my mother, father, and brothers, and two dogs.
I was home schooled.
And I'm not the most popular or social person.
I spend most of my life sleeping and dreaming about adventure.

I started my YouTube and Blog because I wanted to document my life and adventures.
I wanted to be able to look back at each moment and memory.
I wanted to be able to thank myself for exploring and seeking out places unknown.
I love the sound of water and the beauty of clouds.
Though chubby I still manage to get around numerous of places. 
I have beautiful pictures taken with my phone or film cameras.
I can NEVER turn down an adventure
I love the ocean and want to be able to go swimming on a hot summer day.
But because of my intense fear of water I am not able to do so.
I have longed to be by the ocean side and feel the sand and moisture on my skin.
But I want to moment I go to be perfect and everything must fall in line.
Silly, I know but a girl can dream.
That's what I love; dreaming and wishing and wanting.
It's all to perfect and romantic for me. I don't know what to do with myself.
I can be daring and cunning. 
But there is a sense to the madness but that's for you to solve.
I'm just a hopeless dreamer. 
How beautiful can the sky be at dusk. 
It's seems so unreal and daring.
I feel myself always drawn to it and still wanting.
For what? I'm not sure but I would love to find out.
I can go on and on about nothing so I want to end this soon.
I hope you all have a lovely day or night.
And look for the life in life and the lightest part of the light.
~Evan Chandler

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